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Category: Career | Date: Thu 20 Nov, 2008

In order to make the most of uni, you’ll need to occasionally give some thought to what you’ll do after you’ve graduated. If you’re planning to enter the “real world” of work, you might want to check out the Brazen Careerist blog, or grab their RSS feed.

What’s Brazen Careerist About?

Aimed at 20-somethings, Brazen Careerist makes no apologies about aiming straight for the top of your career, and getting the most out of work and life along the way. The blog explains:

We’re not just sitting in cubicles, and waiting for promotions to scale the corporate ladder. We’re changing careers and starting companies. We’re traveling to third-world countries to change the world. We’re even at home raising families, because we know that can be a career in itself. A Brazen Careerist knows that there’s no vivid boundary between work and life. And in that understanding there’s an ability to transcend the notion that a paycheck, or a corner office, or a fancy title, will ever lead to a passionate life.

The topics covered range from Technology to Career Advice and Marketing and PR – just hover over the “Blog Topics” text on the right hand side of the menu bar to see a drop-down list.

The Articles on Brazen Careerist

The Brazen Careerist blog has lots of different young writers, covering a wide range of topics. Some of my favourite articles include:

…But What I Really Want To Do Is Write

If you’re facing the choice between a career or lifestyle you love, or a career that will be lucrative, give this one a read.

Sadly, going into law would necessitate stifling the flow of my artistic juices. Alas, there’s no room for snarky writing in a lawyer’s brief. And what would happen if I started doodling on my legal pad in court? I might be held in contempt.

Crystal Ball: 10 Ways Generation Y Will Change The Workplace

Maybe you’re wondering what the world of work is going to be like when you and your friends graduate. What will you be pushing for? What sort of companies will you work in?

Gen Y recognizes that people make the company successful. Maybe it’s not tangible and maybe it’s not easy to see the direct ROI on keeping people happy, but happy people create successful organizations.

Work: It’s a Lifestyle Thing

Perhaps you’re considering starting your own company. You might even have set up a small business already, which could be something as simple as doing some freelancing around your studies.

Yes – you should want to change the world. Yes – you should want to make a ton of money. But starting a business should also be about creating a great lifestyle for yourself. Luckily, since businesses are a reflection of their owners and there are infinite shapes a business can be molded into, you have an opportunity to grow and develop your company around the life that you want to live.

Other Brazen Careerist Features


As well as blog articles, Brazen Careerist has a small online forum where you can discuss work and share office-related stories. I’m guessing this won’t be of so much interest to you unless you’re doing an internship or working part time, and the forum seems pretty quiet.


As well as the Brazen Careerist blog articles, the site features syndicated content from a number of other bloggers. If you’ve got a blog and you’d be interested in seeing your posts promoted on the Brazen Careerist homepage, check out their “Joining FAQs” for more information.

Over to You

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