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Don’t just focus on studying

How are you ever supposed to concentrate on what is most important. Your studies? This may be shocking to hear, but your studies may not be the most important thing for you to focus on.

What are you having a knee-jerk reaction to?

University is a great time to challenge your preconceptions, try out new things, and step outside your comfort zone.

Being young – make the most of it

If you’re currently in your late teens or your twenties, make the most of it – you may well have more freedom now than you’ll ever have in your life!

Getting rid of friends who just won’t leave

Most people are good at taking a hint when it’s time to go, but how can you get rid of those individuals who just won’t leave?

Accomplish anything in one hour per day

I’d like to get you to think about something today: you can make substantial progress towards any goal by devoting an hour a day to it.

Are we having fun yet?

Something I learnt as an undergrad (mostly by trying to work too hard) was that the point of university is to enjoy it. You – or your parents – are paying a fair bit for your degree, and of course you want to make the most of it: which, in part, means you should be having fun along the way.

Squashing procrastination DEAD

Students everywhere suffer from procrastination, because – with flexible schedules, challenging work, a tendency towards perfectionism and all the distractions of uni life – it’s so tempting to just put off anything hard until later on.

Poverty – Blog Action Day

This post is in support of 2008’s Blog Action Day on poverty. Most of us students feel pretty hard up at times (usually when it’s been months, and several large parties, since the last instalment of loan). And most of us wouldn’t call ourselves “rich”. But, in comparison to much of the world, we’re stupendously […]

Write a journal

One great way to get the most out of uni, both now and once you’re no longer a student, is to write a journal.

The experiences you’re having today – and what you make of them – shape who you’ll be tomorrow.

Join your uni gym today

Today, I enrolled at the Club Pulse gym at Goldsmiths. When I was told I could have 15 months for the price of 12, I handed over £180 on the spot. Four years ago, I’d never have done that.

So what’s changed? Am I an incurable impulse buyer? Do I jump on anything that looks like a bargain?

Uni, the sequel: Being a postgrad

I’ve been thinking a lot about the difference between being an undergraduate and a postgraduate. This time five years ago was my first day at Cambridge: I can remember being equal parts excited and nervous.