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The student guide to Christmas shopping

It’s the start of December – and now is a great time to do some Christmas shopping, before you head home from uni for the holidays.

Student food shopping tips

Here are a few tips for grocery shopping that should make life (a) less of a hassle and (b) a bit cheaper.

Using your time log – part two

A few days ago, I told you how to keep a time log. You should now have enough down on paper to get a good picture of where your time’s going.

Keeping a time log (part one)

A time log is a great tool for not only figuring out where your time goes … but also for keeping you on task and focused.

Eat your way through an essay crisis: foods for energy

When faced with an essay crisis – whether the “My to-do list is longer than my arm” sort or the “Crap, it’s due tomorrow at eight am sort”, it’s important to keep your energy up.

Organising your lecture notes

Somewhere in the attic at my parents’ house are several carrier bags full of lined A4 paper. If you pulled out a handful of sheets, you’d find a complete jumble of topics – from calculus to linguistics.

No clean underwear? Low-effort laundry tips

This is about the time of term when you first face a task of potentially Herculean proportions: doing your laundry. Here’s how to make laundry day go smoothly, from start to finish…

Two-ring cookery class

You’re probably looking at the title of this post and wondering what the heck “two-ring cookery” is. Some strange culinary school of thought where everything is displayed in concentric circles? Checking out whether you and your fiancée have compatible skills in the kitchen?