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Returning home (and being welcomed back)

You might be returning to the Parental Home after your first term at uni around now – or you might be an old hand at re-entry. Either way, there are a few do’s and don’t’s …

Surviving bar and club nights if you’re shy

If you’re the curl-up-with-a-good-book type rather than the spending-every-night-in-the-bar type, here’s how to cope with – and enjoy! – student social life.

Stay in touch with friends back home

One of the great things about uni is meeting new people and making new friends. But this can sometimes mean losing touch with friends back home, as you get caught up in the busyness of life at university. I’m as guilty of this as anyone – I’m awful at keeping in touch with people, and […]

Fridge wars: beating the food thieves

Food theft is an unfortunate fact of life in almost any communal-style living arrangement. Drunkenness, hangovers and disorganisation are amongst possible reasons why some fellow student might have swiped your food.

Alcohol and internet connections don’t mix

One of the dangers of abundant alcohol in halls, and super-fast internet connections in halls, is the tendency for students to combine the two. Do it too often, and you’ll soon be getting a “reputation” you probably don’t want…

Preventing hangovers

Since it’s Saturday, I’m guessing a few of you might be feeling a little the worse for wear. (Greasy fried egg butty anyone? No…?) I certainly had my share of hangovers as an undergrad. Here’s how to minimise the damage … without becoming a teetotaller. Night Before Eat before drinking If you’re going to be […]

Speaking up in class

Have you ever sat through a two hour class without saying a word? Even if you’re confident that you understand the material, it can be really hard to risk making a good point or answering a question in front of ten or fifteen other people – especially if you barely know your classmates.

Feeling shy?

First, let me reassure you that almost everyone feels shy some of the time, especially when starting a new undergrad or postgrad course – or when joining a new society, living with a bunch of strangers, starting a new seminar …