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Category: Fun | Date: Sun 02 Nov, 2008

Note: We’re making a few small changes to Alpha Student. The one you’ll probably notice is that we’re not going to be posting every day: we know you’re busy and we don’t want to overwhelm you with posts! We’ll be aiming for about three – four posts a week from now on.

It’s reading week for me, and probably for some of you too, so I thought it’d be a good chance to point you towards a few early Alpha Student posts that you might have missed.

Some reading week reading from Alpha Student

  • Two-ring cookery class – Bored of baked beans? Sick of soup? Get inspired about what you can cook in your halls’ pathetic kitchen facilities.
  • Ten minute fun breaks – None of us can concentrate for hours on end, so put the books down and have a proper break! Just make sure you get back to it once those ten minutes are up…
  • Preventing hangovers – If you’re fed up of waking up with a thumping headache and mouth like the Sahara desert, give this a read.
  • Beyond Starbucks: great part time jobs – Bank balance starting to dwindle, or already in the red? You don’t need to spend all your free time stacking shelves to make ends meet. Check out some of our ideas for student jobs with a twist.
  • Squashing procrastination DEAD – If you’ve got an essay looming over you but just can’t seem to get started, give this a read. And stop playing those great platform games…

Other things to do on Alpha Student

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