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Alpha Student now on Christmas break

We’re on our Christmas break at the moment, and most of you will be too – so we won’t be posting much between now and early January.

Reading Week – Alpha Student

It’s reading week for me, and probably for some of you too, so I thought it’d be a good chance to point you towards a few early Alpha Student posts that you might have missed.

Write a novel this November: NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo, the National Novel Writing Month, is in its tenth year. It’s crazy, and it’s fun, and it’s exactly the sort of thing you should be doing while you’re a student.

Top five games: Platformers

Sometimes, however strong the urge may be to be efficient, punctual and studious, you just need to force yourself into doing something that won’t contribute in any way to a successful university life.

Cheap films

Whether your taste in films is for the latest comedy hit, a chick-flick, a gritty drama or the black-and-white classics, finding a source of cheap films will ensure you have some cash left over for popcorn or pick’n’mix sweets.

Ten minute fun breaks

I’m a firm believer in taking regular breaks whilst working. It helps you stay productive and focussed, prevents you going crazy, and allows a bit of an opportunity to fit some fun around your studying …