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Student can haz savings?

Even if you feel like a penniless student who can barely scrape together enough for a decent night out, it’s worth opening a savings account.

Student Freelance – website review

If you live in the US, though, you might want to check out Student Freelance, which works in a similar way to Student Gems (a UK site which I wrote about a couple of weeks ago).

Getting into good spending habits

Whether you’re a first-year in charge of your own finances for the first time in your life, or a PhD student struggling to make ends meet, get into good spending habits now.

Review of Student Beans

A few weeks ago, I mentioned I’d be looking at some student discount sites and giving you the rundown on each. Here’s the first of those articles, a review of Student Beans.

Use your skills: find a job on Student Gems

Looking for a job? You might want to check out Student Gems – it’s a site that matches up students in the UK with employers who want your skills!

Save money, log your spending

If you’re constantly broke and not quite sure why, try keeping a spending log to figure out where the money’s going. Here’s how:

Cheap office software for students

Whatever you’re studying, chances are you’ll need to produce word-processed documents – and quite possibly spreadsheets and slideshow presentations – at some point during your studies. Don’t fork out hundreds of pounds for Microsoft Office; use a free alternative or get the full version of Microsoft Office at a cut-price student rate. Here’s how… Free […]

Beyond Starbucks: Great part-time jobs

If you need to supplement your loan in order to survive, but can’t face serving cappuchinos or stacking shelves all day, try looking beyond the most obvious student jobs.

Student discounts

When I graduated, the first thing that came as a cold hard shock about the real world was that I no longer got a student discount. Make the most of your student status while you’re at uni!

Join the club: supermarket loyalty cards

Way back in September 2003, when I was 18 and about to go off to university, my “college mum” – a designated second-year at my Cambridge college – gave me a ring. One of the things she said was “Get a Nectar card.”

Get freebies … from your bank

If you’ve not sorted out a student account yet, you might want to grab one just to get the freebies.